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The Most Charitable Celebrities

Some celebrities prefer to compile and flaunt their wealth, but others like to share. We made a list of celebrities who have philanthropic deeds and what they are famous for. We can’t list all of them, but we thought we might introduce you to some of the well-known names. Ellen DeGeneres Ellen is not only… Read More »

Famous Actors Who Can Sing

Acting is an art, but actors who can sing are considered a bit more, especially Broadway. We will list the most famous actors today who have incredible voices, and some of them even have music careers. Kristen Bell Before landing her breakthrough roles in Veronica Mars and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Kristen Bell was trained in… Read More »

Famous Singers/Performers who also Have Successful Acting Careers

The line between acting and singing can be crossed easily, especially if we are talking about Broadway. Today we will give you our top choices of singers, who also have successful acting careers. Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez is an iconic singer with a long career in both music and film. She starred in several TV… Read More »

The Top Action Movie Stars in Our Lifetime

We want to introduce you to our list of top ten action movie stars. Whether you like action movies or not, at one time of your life, you have heard of film classics like The Terminator or Die Hard. Bruce Willis The iconic actor is famous for the “Die Hard” franchise, where he plays John… Read More »